Fumetsu Combat Equipment was founded by a student of Gracie Barra - Marbella, Spain in 2007. We have great respect for all those who compete in Martial Arts and it is our belief that everyone deserves to have adequate and durable protection/clothing at a fair price.  For those of us in Europe it can be difficult, expensive and time consuming to find and purchase the equipment we need, especially if it must be sent from the USA or Brazil. Our own frustration resulting from this situation inspired us to create Fumetsu and our promise to supply the highest quality products at a fair price, quickly with the highest standards of customer service.

Our first priority was to provide the essential protection needed in Grappling and Ground Fighting sports. Headgear and Kneepads should be relatively low-cost items and when buying from from the USA the shipping is always more expensive than the price of the goods themselves.

Fumetsu has now expanded to a full range of products for combat sports and is available worldwide

What does Fumetsu mean?

FUMETSU is a Japanese word, a concept, that means Immortal or Indestructible.

Each one of us fights for his own reason and I believe that those of us who fight competitively honor our predecessors who in their time fought not to compete but to defend their families or serve their nations.

Ultimately, we have one motive in common, to be the best. To reach a level where we will be remembered always as great warriors..Immortal, Fumetsu!